Chili’s Dog Training Story

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Chili's owner was very familiar with his breed having raised Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs several different times in her life. We met Chili through our day training program. Chili wasn't the "big, bold, and affectionate personality" you come to expect from his breed. He was a shy, nervous puppy, certainly not a big and bold Swiss Mountain dog. While shyness may sound like a virtue, it can be a big danger if left unchecked. Nervous puppies very easily turn into big dogs with the same fears but with more willingness to fight rather than flight.

Dog Training Starts With a Plan

Chili's dog mom liked that our Day Training program would get Chili out of the house and allow him to learn while in an environment surrounded by many other dogs and people. He didn't end up being Mr. Anti Social for long. His first best friends were definitely his dog trainers, they do have pockets full of dog treats after all! It sure pays to know the right people! Little by little with their help he started to address some of the bigger concerns his dog mom was seeing, like barking and lunging on the leash. His training plan included things like..

  • Classical conditioning around his triggers (loud sounds, new people)
  • Tons of fields trips to places like public parks, hardware stores, and pet stores
  • Curated Playgroups to ease into socializing with other dogs
  • Basic Obedience Skills to help him and his mom navigate difficult situations as simply as saying "Go to Place"
  • giving him positive experiences to shape him into a more confident dog

He's Grown in Size and In Confidence!

Chili has practically grown up at The Bark over the last year, one weekly visit at a time. He even learned how to carry a dog backpack, a skill common for his particular breed to practice. It comes in super handy on the hikes and fields trips he takes. Chili's favorite part about day training has to be a tie between getting to play with all his best dog friends at doggy daycare and seeing how proud his mom is at night when she reads his report card.

Chili just experienced his first holiday season, a typical nightmare on Elm st. for nervous dogs but his dog mom said he did amazing! He welcomed their guests and warmed up quickly! He is getting along better with his sibling Swiss mountains dogs. It sounds like everything is all finished up with Chili but if you were to ask him, he isn't done yet! His mom says coming to The Bark has become an important part of Chili's routine, so much so he fusses when he misses his usual day of the week! Even if he is behaving more confidently and predictably, she wants him to keep up with day training visits because he loves them so much! We can't wait to share more about Chili! Are you interested in detraining or unsure of where to start on your training journey? Schedule a free meet and greet with our positive dog trainers in Knoxville, TN by using our pet portal.