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During the weekday hours of 7:00 am through 6:00 pm, the play spaces at The Bark will function as doggy daycare. Doggy daycare is a group play setting your dog can enjoy during the day. Your dog will get socialization and wear off their excess energy at The Bark while you're away.

Doggy Daycare Pricing

  • Full Day: $28
  • Half Day: $20 (up to 4 hours)
  • 10 Visit Pass $250

Requirements For Doggy Day Care

All dogs must be registered with a pet profile to get started with services at The Bark.

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Vaccinations & More: Admission to doggy daycare follows the same protocol as admission to the dog park. All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies, bordetella, DHLPP, and canine flu, be on flea prevention, and spayed or neutered if they are over the age of 6 months. We do not permit entry to dogs in heat. Proof of these items must be provided in our online system along with the behavior questionnaire before entry.

Behavior Evaluation: In order for dogs to be elligible for doggy daycare, they must also pass a behavior check, no different from the process of admission to the indoor dog park. The owner will first be asked to fill out a questionnaire about their dog's play style as well.

The behavior evaluation for daycare will be conducted during a complimentary visit to our daycare (up to 4 hours). Your dog will be eased into one of our playgroups as their comfort level allows and our staff will observe their play style, while also watching for signs of fear or aggression. Passing this behavior evaluation can be applied toward our dog park admission requirements.

Play Spaces: During daycare hours, The Bark's main play spaces will function as your dog's playground during their stay at doggy daycare. In addition to the two main indoor play areas, there will two more play spaces to accommodate smaller dogs and puppies. All play groups will get chances to play in the outside play area throughout the day, weather permitting.

Entrance The Foothills Sugarlands The Camp Play Space #3 Play Space #4 Training #1 Training #2 Training #3 Bar Restroom Restroom Grooming Board & Train #1 Board & Train #3 Board & Train #2 The Foothills The Camp Sugarlands






Staff Only

  • The Foothills: (1,570 sq ft) relaxed dogs 35 pounds & up
  • The Sugarlands: (2,390 sq ft) active dogs 35 lbs & up
  • Play Space #3: (782 sq ft) puppies & active dogs 35 lbs & under
  • Play Space #4: (565 sq ft) relaxed dogs 35 pounds & under
  • Outdoor Play Space: (5,115 sq ft) available to all play groups throughout the day, weather permitting

Once you've created your pet profile, you can request to book daycare and other services by clicking on your dog's name and Start Booking. Choose The Bark as your booking location and Request An Appointment. You can then click on Doggy Daycare and you will be prompted to book your behavior pre check and daycare options.

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