Dog Park Ranger

Pay Rate: $13-15 per hour

Do you love playing with dogs? Come join our team at the The Bark as one of our Bark Rangers! Full time and part time options.


  • Animal care experience
  • Play group experience is a plus
  • Night and weekend availability

Job Description

  • Monitor behavior and maintain safety within the play spaces
  • Keep gates clear of dogs while others are entering
  • Provide enrichment activities
  • Maintain a clean and sanitized work environment
  • Employ a positive only, fear free approach to engaging with dogs
  • Communicate effectively with other team members to ensure the needs of each play space are being met
  • Option to bring personal dog to work when space is available and if they display appropriate behavior
  • Work front desk to check in dogs
  • Four day work week encouraged
Bark Ranger Application

Certified Dog Trainer

Pay Rate: $17-23 per hour

Full time and part time options. Multiple positions available.


  • Certification and previous experience required
  • Experience with behavior issues such as reactivity and separation anxiety
  • Positive reinforcement training methods only
  • Smart phone with data plan

Job Description

  • Work within small team setting
  • Evaluate dogs and consult with clients prior to starting training
  • Create and execute training plan
  • Track progress of dogs and engage in team meeting to keep dogs progressing
  • Teach and consult with clients how training methods work and how to maintain training
  • Group classes and private lessons
  • Board and train at The Bark
  • Four day work week encouraged
Dog Trainer Application

Dog Park Manager

Pay Rate: $20-23 per hour

Full time.


  • Previous management experience
  • Animal care experience
  • Play group experience is a plus

Job Description

  • Lead team of dog park rangers¬†during dog park hours and doggie daycare hours
  • Check and count inventory
  • Count registers
  • Maintain a clean work environment
  • Ensure safety and sanitation protocols are being maintained
  • Be a part of management team
  • Interview new staff
  • Ensure new staff is completing staff training and meeting company standards
Dog Park Manager Application

Dog Groomer

Pay Rate: $18 per hour + tips + paid vacation

Full time is eligible for health care benefits. At The Bark we strive to be a place where wellness and behavior come together. It is our mission to make sure pets feel safe, comfortable, and happy during all of our services. We are looking for a trained and experienced dog groomer that shares own company values about positive, fear-free methods.


  • Grooming experience required
  • Must be able to groom all breeds
  • Gentle handling to animals
  • Excellent people skills
  • Time and schedule management skills
  • Must maintain a clean work environment
  • Experienced and comfortable with hand scissoring
  • Ability to give clients guidance on maintenance between groomings
  • Experience with fearful pets

Job Description

  • Work with dogs one-on-one
  • Cage free environment
  • Private and quiet studio all to yourself with attached dog suite
Dog Groomer Application